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Hitting the fundamental limit of the drug industry?

After a banner year in 2012, the number of FDA Drug approvals dropped back to 27 for 2013, a number more in line with the average rate of approvals for the last few years. As many observers have commented, the … Continue reading

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If you want efficient and effective R&D, get your mix of solution shops and production shops right

I had the good fortune to attend a series of seminars by Clayton Cristensen last Spring.  One conceptual framework that Clay described is the three basic types of businesses, and I think it has a lot of relevance for Pharma … Continue reading

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Fixing Big Pharma Research: Introduction

Lots of articles and blog posts get written about the research productivity crisis in the pharmaceutical industry.  A lot of Wall Street types argue that Pharma companies simply must spend less on R&D (Recently, yet another analyst called for a … Continue reading

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