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Boston edges out Cambridge for new technology firms

In a somewhat surprising development, Boston actually had more venture capital deals than Cambridge in 2013.  Ninety-seven deals were signed in Boston, vs. 78 in Cambridge.  Cambridge does still hold a commanding lead in the dollar amount, however, with total funding … Continue reading

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Moore’s Law for Space-Based Imaging

Hundreds of eyes in the sky, just like this one. Getting better, cheaper, and more numerous every year. Imagine a network of satellites, all taking daily pictures of the earth beneath them and reporting that data back to earth in … Continue reading

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More Biotech Hub Rankings

GEN (Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News) has released their own, more comprehensive biotech hub rankings.  As expected, Boston-Cambridge and the Bay Area are at the top, with San Francisco edging out Boston in most criteria.  The GEN rankings include not only … Continue reading

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Venture Funding of Biotech is VERY Concentrated… and Very Limited

Fierce Biotech has released their latest analysis of venture capital funding of biotech in the U.S. last year, broken down by metropolitan area: Source: San Francisco is back out in front, edging out Boston-Cambridge.  After San Diego and Washington, funding … Continue reading

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Why build a house when you can print it?

Extrapolating the 3D printer trend one step further, researchers are working on systems that can “print” large scale structures made of concrete.  Like a house, for example –printed in only 24 hours.

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Did You Know? 2013 – Technology Impact on Society and Business

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To Infinity… and Back!

Yesterday SpaceX launched its first satellite payload into geosynchronous orbit, at a price 75% lower than currently charged by other commercial launch providers.  Even more impressive is the fact that SpaceX has been steadily developing the required technology to slow down and … Continue reading

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