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Employee Performance Does Not Follow a Bell Curve

Here’s a great post written by Josh Bersin that’s gotten a lot of attention in the past few days:  The Myth of the Bell Curve.  As I mentioned several weeks ago, more and more evidence shows that employee performance in the … Continue reading

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P values. I do not think that value means what you think it means.

Regina Nuzzo has a news feature in Nature about P values that every biomedical scientist should read.  P values — the common measure of statistical significance (i.e. the “believability” of an experiment) — do not mean what most scientists think they mean. … Continue reading

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Product Cycles in the Pharma Industry and How to “Shorten” Them – Part 1

A few weeks ago I commented on what may be the fundamental limit on a stable Pharmaceutical industry — products have to be on the market for at least as long as it takes to replace them.  Cash flow significant … Continue reading

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Nightfall in Winter

Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

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