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Rigid stack ranking of employee performance and pharmaceutical research is a bad combination

Microsoft’s recent decision to abandon employee stack ranking is just the latest example of the growing skepticism around stack ranking performance management schemes, especially ones that force bottom 5-10% distributions.  Sadly, some pharmaceutical firms still use the method. The major arguments against stack … Continue reading

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Boston is a Global Financial Center – #7 Actually

Most people think of Boston as a global center for research and teaching, especially in the biomedical sciences.  (or perhaps as a center of excellence in American professional sports…).  Say “financial center”, however, and the word “regional” comes to mind … Continue reading

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Did You Know? 2013 – Technology Impact on Society and Business

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Amazing Images from the Cassini Mission

Following up on the space exploration theme in yesterday’s post (and one from a while back), here is a link to Nadia Drake / Wired Magazine’s summary of discoveries from the Cassini spacecraft’s mission to Saturn. One of my favorites is the incredible … Continue reading

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To Infinity… and Back!

Yesterday SpaceX launched its first satellite payload into geosynchronous orbit, at a price 75% lower than currently charged by other commercial launch providers.  Even more impressive is the fact that SpaceX has been steadily developing the required technology to slow down and … Continue reading

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