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Tutorial: Significant Figures

New (and not so new) scientists often don’t think about how many digits, or significant figures they should include when reporting numerical data.  Unless you’re using a finely calibrated instrument, most readings aren’t accurate beyond one or two percent (about two significant … Continue reading

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Blog Content

Just a quick note for readers — this blog is brand new (obviously) and I’m still figuring out what I want to post and how to use the blog.  So at least for now, there will be quite a random … Continue reading

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Fun Science: The Cricket as a Thermometer

The loud crickets chirping in unison tonight reminded me of A. E. Dolbear’s observation that crickets can tell you the current temperature.  According to his classic 1881 communication: T = 50 + (N-40)/4 where N is the number of field cricket … Continue reading

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August Peaches

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How to fix big Pharma R&D in three easy steps?

Bruce Booth has three thought-provoking suggestions about what he’d do if he was in charge of Pharma R&D at a large company: “Invert the periphery and the core”, “Get the rest of the company out of the way of research”, … Continue reading

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After two years working on my MBA, what’s three more hours in the steady rain?  They say it’s good luck when it rains on the day of a wedding — so perhaps it was an auspicious end to the tenure … Continue reading

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Spring evening on the Charles River

Evening falls and the sailboats are stored for the night.

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